Friday, November 5, 2010

Software Craftsmanship - Meeting 4

Boy, I had so much fun during our 4th meeting...

There were more than 80 people, deeply concerned about our profession and eager to learn best patterns & practices.

In the first part we had 3 lectures: Code Reviews (Tools & Processes) - Ran Tavory , Structure 101 - Eran Harel and Legacy
Code & Unit Tests
- Uri Lavi.

In the second part Aviv
& Yoni Tsafir demonstrated pair programming (Randori Style) while solving the Bowling Kata exercise.

Watching this great audience was very satisfying and I received a lot of positive feedback, that will also improve our next sessions.

During the meeting I have also introduced the Mentorship/Apprenticeship program.

Today, a few weeks after the meeting, I can proudly say that I mentor two great

Though we only started the process, I expect that the mentorship program will bring the change to our community and
will create more professionals and software craftsmen.

Below you can find the lectures and the source code of the Kata:

The Bowling Kata source code in Java.

The Game class:

The Game tests:

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