Monday, May 16, 2011

The Code Room Event (SCISR)

I am happy to announce the first Software Craftsmanship in Israel Code Room event to be held in Google Israel which kindly volunteered to host us. (Many thanks!)
The Code Room

Have you ever wanted to code with the bests of the bests?
Have you ever wanted to learn from the real professionals how to choose the right architectures & designs?
Have you ever wanted to rub your elbows with the great developers?
Now you have the chance!
The code room meeting is all about coding a small project together.
The purpose is to enrich the participants with different programming approaches and styles (architecture, design, clean code, unit testing and etc...).
The session will be divided into several acts:
Act I    - Choosing the Architecture
Act II   - Choosing the Design and the Programming Environment
Act III  - Implementation
Act IV - Presentation (if the time permits)

Hurry up, there is only 50 places!!!

Please bring your laptops with your favorite programming environment set-up.

Here you can find a short movie that demonstrates how much fun we had :)