Friday, February 3, 2012

Tenth Software Craftsmanship In Israel Meeting

On our tenth Software Craftsmanship meeting I was very excited to host Corey Haines.

Corey flew to Israel on Tuesday just to conduct 2 code retreats on Wednesday and Thursday so obviously he was a bit tired when we gathered for the meeting. Corey gave a short talk, concentrating on reminding us what is the value for the business that we should provide.

Here it is:

After the talk we broke into pairs in order to hand interpreter a Piet language. Piet is a stack based language whose programs are bitmaps that look like an abstract art. In our exercise we needed to hand interpreted the "Hello World" program which looks like that:

This really makes you to appreciate your compiler (or interpreter)!

Personally, I had lots of fun and my hope is that Corey will visit us soon again.

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