Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Management Tips - A Hebrew Podcast on Management and Leadership

As promised, today we (Lior Cohen and I)  have announced our new podcast in Hebrew on Management and Leadership.

In this podcast we will try to provide tips, tools and best practices from our experience as well as from the experience of other prominent leaders in the Israeli work space. I believe there are many tales about managers and management. Without going into too much details, we believe that management is a skill you need to grow slowly and gradually (the same way as you grow your technology skills for example). It is a long way to go... A well skilled manager works hard every day to "clean" the way for his team members in order to allow THEM to do what they know best (like delivering software for example).

My hope that this podcast will help everybody, who wants to learn and to grow these skills.
My personal believe is that this podcast isn't only for managers.
Since one of the keys of good management is creating a highly gelled and efficient environment - I hope that others will contribute (and listen) as well.

I will be happy to hear you feedbacks (or questions or management dilemmas).

You can find the podcast here: www.mngttips.com.

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